Join Smiles Services: Transition Your Practice

There are a variety of motivating factors that prompt dentists and business owners to affiliate with Smiles Services, such as:

  • Achieving a better work/life balance
  • Desire to practice dentistry versus operating and managing a business
  • Relieving stress related to staffing challenges
  • Making a career or life change
  • Mitigating risk
  • Succession planning
  • Retirement

There are many benefits to affiliating with Smiles Services and joining our organization. Our Business Development team has outstanding expertise in acquisitions, so your dental practice will be properly valued in a professional, respectful, confidential process.

We work closely with you and your team to determine the best options for you, based on your preferences and the needs of your practice. In our experience, all of your team members will typically choose to remain onboard with Smiles to play an important and fulfilling role in your practice. Your practice will retain the goodwill you have built in your community over the years through our focus on quality dentistry, exceptional patient care, and a personalized experience. Aligning with Smiles often leads to a renewed focus on patient care, new professional opportunities and connections, and access to exceptional leadership opportunities.


Are you feeling…

  • Worried about getting the deserved value out of your practice
  • Troubled by how to transition at retirement
  • Frustrated over personnel management issues
  • Weighed down with time-consuming “other stuff” instead of concentrating on your patients
  • Overwhelmed by lack of time to make informed business decisions
  • Pressured by finances that are causing conflict and tension personally
  • Concerned about your patient flow or managing your current flow


Smiles Services provides powerful benefits that make life at work better for our dentists:

  • Centralized Practice Support – Our administrative experts handle all non-clinical needs, including Accounts Receivable, PPO and insurance claim management, and collections.
  • Human Resources Support – Our HR professionals and management team will handle all aspects of hiring, managing, and compensating employees.
  • Quality Assurance Systems – You will work in coordination with our dentists and our Chief Dental Officer in programs that ensure consistent excellence, patient confidence, and quality of care.
  • Ongoing Education & Training – Staying ahead of trends, technologies, and practice management tools and techniques.
  • Career Satisfaction – Our doctors are able to enjoy being a doctor and concentrate on their patients. At the end of the day, they are able to leave without carrying the burden of running the business to their home lives.