The Secret Sauce of Smiles Dental
Inverted-Pyramid-smiles-servicesWhat makes us different from the average dentist? Smiles has what we call our “Secret Sauce” – the aspects of our company culture and organization that differentiate us from all other dentists, DSOs, and group practices in the country. It is what fuels our growth, and the key elements of who we are that are creating an entirely new practice option for elite dentists and teams that we believe is the future of dentistry.

Our “Secret Sauce” is the unique combination of our mission and culture that results in a “Patients First” attitude and approach. Putting patients first is the primary value of our organization. While other group practices may have strayed from concentrating on patient experience, Smiles Services rejects the mindset of putting more focus on spreadsheets, numbers, and the bottom line at the expense of dental professionals and patients.

Of course, we are goal oriented and use analytical tools and feedback to continuously improve; however, our focus is always on the patient experience. Why? The real magic happens when the patient steps foot in our offices and sits in the dental chair. This is where relationships are built, while trust and respect are earned. When patients experience this magic, they become raving fans and co-partners in building the practice by referring their family, friends, and coworkers.

Smiles’ unique approach puts clinical teams at the forefront of the organization as we provide the support services and tools to the clinical and office teams so they can have greater success in their efforts to serve our patients and provide them with a world-class patient experience. At Smiles, we look for doctors who are interested in a long-term career with us, even if they are not affiliating a practice with us. This helps us solve the problem of doctor retention that has hampered other group practices in the past.

We give our doctors treatment autonomy while teaching best practices. Doctors receive CE and support from our CDO and other doctors within the organization, we offer a retirement and whole life insurance plan that can exceed what a doctor’s typically includes when owning a practice, and Smiles Services handles all HR, accounting, marketing, and general business operations. In short, doctors get to be doctors!

In a nutshell, the “Secret Sauce” includes the basic building blocks of our mission (Ultimate Service, Superior Performance, and Positive Impact) and a vision of Transforming Oral Health Care. Our culture is centered on putting patients first, and there is a commitment to extreme professionalism and industry-leading analytic tools to enable office managers and teams to continuously improve to provide consistency in clinical excellence.

There might be a few more ingredients in the Secret Sauce…but you have to be on the team to learn them!